Nonsense Pictures Paper Collage

Get silly and creative! Inspired by The Nonsense Show by Eric Carle.

Inspired by this wonderfully silly book we made our own nonsense pictures.

The boy and girl made a list of nonsense things and we set about making them into pictures.

Here was our list:

A dinosaur with a cat head.
Flowers on toast.
A cat with fish for whiskers.
A cup with lots of letter T’s in it.
A bunch of grapes like a bunch of flowers.
A man with a shoe for a hat.
A pirate with an apple eye patch.
Worm spaghetti.
A human with cat ears.
A zebra with spots.
A rainbow leopard.

We got out our pile of marble painting decorated papers and set to work.

I cut and the boy and girl stuck everything down.

What you’ll need:

Decorated papers
Glue Stick
Plain paper
Your imagination!

Here are a few ways to make some decorated papers:
Marble Painting
Shaving Foam Marbling
Watercolour Experiments

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