Watercolour Experiments

Art and science come together in this fun activity.

Totally addictive, stunning results, this is definitely one to try.

Surgical spirit dropped on wet watercolours was our favourite. If you try one process, try this one!

What you’ll need:

Watercolours (I used inks watered down but paintbox watercolours will work exactly the same)
Watercolour cartridge paper
Pipettes (if you’ve not got a
pippette, a kids medicine syringe works well)
Surgical spirit
Cling film
Coin and kitchen roll

What to do:

Paint cartridge paper with watercolours.

Add one of the following: pipette drops of surgical spirit, sprinkle with salt, lay crinkled cling film on top, wrap a coin in kitchen paper and print.

Leave to dry.

Add embellishments on top such as sharpie pens, stitching, glue and glitter.
NOTE: work in a well ventilated room, or outside, for the surgical spirit experiment.
Inspired by the brilliant tutorial from Skillshare. It’s well worth a watch.

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