Marble Painting

Have a go at action painting with marbles and rubber balls.

While away an hour or two in the garden making patterns and paintings with this exciting activity.

This is a great way to make decorated papers or even wrapping paper if made on a bigger scale.

What you’ll need:

Shallow tray or box lid (to fit your paper)
Ready mixed paint
Marbles and rubber balls in lots of sizes

What to do:

Line a shallow tray or box lid with paper.

Squirt dollops of paint on the paper.

Place the balls in the paint.

(Another way to do it is fill a muffin tray with different paints and drop marbles in to coat with paint. Give the kids a teaspoon each to scoop out the painty marble into the paper filled tray.)

Start rolling and moving the balls by tipping the tray.

Remove the painting to dry and start all over again!

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