Hot Air Balloon Cat

Fly up, up and away with our Hot Air Balloon Cat for Sew a Softie 2019.

Last year, the girl was a Kid Ambassador and had a lot of fun teaching kids to sew a Love Monster.

This year she wanted to design our Sew a Softie tutorial by combining her love of cats (we have two, Heidi and Bella) and hot air balloons (living in Bristol they are a regular sight in our skies).

Our Hot Air Balloon Cat is designed to be hung up and the basket is a pocket to put your own little softie inside.

What you’ll need:

  • Felt in your chosen colours (we used the equivalent of two A4 pieces)
  • Thick Wool
  • Embroidery Thread
  • A needle
  • Scissors
  • Optional: Pins (We didn’t use any instead using basting stitches to keep our pieces in place as we sewed)
  • Stuffing (We use split pillow or cushion inserts)

What to do:

Use these photos as a guide to draw out your pieces – you can make the softie as small or as big as you’d like and you can choose your favourite colours.

Our Cat Balloon piece is approx. 10cm across.

Cut out all your felt pieces.

Arrange the features on the front piece of the hot air balloon.

Pin in place or tack with a stitch or two before using straight or running stitch to keep in place.

To make the basket: Sandwich two pieces of basket rope between the two basket felt pieces and sew around three sides so that you have a little pocket. Use blanket stitch or running stitch.

Sandwich the basket ropes and hanging loop between the back and front of the cat shape. Pin or tack in place.

Sew the front and back cat pieces together, making sure to catch the ropes in your stitches. Use blanket stitch or running stitch and leave a gap big enough to stuff.

Fill the gap with stuffing.

Close the gap with your chosen stitch.

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