Love Monsters

Sew a LOVE MONSTER for Sew a Softie 2018 

This is Cariad (pronounced carry-ad). She’s our Love Monster. Her name is Welsh and it means LOVE. She’s very excited to spread the sewing love as part of Sew a Softie month 2018.

We’re very excited to be taking part in Sew a Softie this July.

This year Anna (the girl) is one of their Kid Ambassadors so she’ll be hosting our Love Monster Workshop at Craftisan Shop on 21 July 2018 to coincide with our tutorial day.

Get the little (and big!) kids in your life sewing and join in with this month long festival of stitch organised by the inspiring Trixi from Coloured Buttons.

Sew a Softie is an initiative that aims to ignite a love of hand sewing in a new generation. It encourages parents and children to turn off their computers, put down their smart phones and discover the fun and fulfillment that comes from creating a simple-to-sew softie together.


What you’ll need:

1 A4 piece of felt for the body
Felt scraps for the features (any colours but make sure you have a white scrap for the eye)
A button
Stuffing (we buy hollow-fibre hypo-allergenic pillows, split them and use their filling as toy stuffing)
A needle
A skein of embroidery thread

What to do:

Fold the A4 piece of felt in half to make 2 A5 sized pieces.

Cut in half.

Cut a rounded edge on the top side of both pieces (see picture 2).

Cut a circle from the white felt scrap.
Next, cut two legs, two arms, a mouth, some hair and a heart. These can be any colour and any shape – you give your Love Monster its own personality! (see picture 2)

Take one of your body pieces and lay out the features until you’re happy with placement.

You can start to sew on your features now. Thread the needle with embroidery thread and remember to put a knot at the end. Use any stitches you like. (see picture 3)

Sew the button in the middle of the white felt circle.

Now take the back body piece and lay it flat. Arrange the arms and hair where you’d like them. (see picture 4)
You can tack these in place if you’d like.

Take the front body piece and lay it on top of the back piece and arms and hair – you’re making a little sandwich!
Start sewing a running stitch or back stitch all around the curved side, leaving the bottom edge open for stuffing. (see pictures 5 and 6)

Fill your Love Monster’s body with stuffing making sure it’s super cuddly! (see picture 7)

Tack or pin the legs to the inside of the front piece and sew along the opening to close. (see picture 8)

You’ve got yourself a Love Monster!

Let’s spread the love, one monster at a time!

I’d love to see your photos – please share them on my Instagram or Facebook page.

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