Woven Wool Flowers

Make a flower friend for an indoor pot plant.

Warning: this is a very addictive activity!

These flowers make great plant pot pals.

Why not make a bouquet of woven wool flowers as a birthday or Mother’s Day present?

What you’ll need:

Wool, yarn, string, embroidery thread, thin ribbon or raffia
Lollipop sticks
Garden sticks
Coloured paper or card
Bowl, mug or plate to draw around
Scissors (optional craft knife to cut circles from cardboard: adult use only)
Sticky tape

What to do:

Draw around a template and cut out circles from the cardboard.

Cut small incisions around the circle’s edge at regular intervals.

Choose your yarn.

Start off by taping a bit of wool at the back of the circle and start winding wool around the circle’s edge, making sure the wool goes through a cut each time.
If changing wool colour secure ends at the back with tape.

Once finished, add a lollipop or garden stick to the back along with a paper leaf and ta da! Woven wool flower is finished!

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