Wet Chalk Painting

Chalk + Water + Pavement = Fun!

Get outside when the sun’s out and make some chalk drawings with a difference.

These drawings will wash away with the rain or a spray of a hose.

Warning: Kids will love getting their hands and feet in so wear old clothes and be prepared for messy play. Yay!

All you need is:

Pavement chalk (BIG fat chalks)
A bucket of water
Your hands or some paintbrushes
Your imagination

What to do:

Soak some chalk in a bucket of water for a few minutes.

Find some pavement to draw on.

Draw on to the pavement with chalks, like you normally would.

Next comes the magic to turn it into paint: wet your hands or dip your paintbrush into some water and add water to your drawing. It’ll fill in all the blanks and look like a real painting.

Watch what happens as the chalks dry: your paintings will magically change colour.

Adding more chalks on top to colour mix.

Dragging the paintbrush or your finger through the different coloured wet chalk to make patterns.

Grab a broom (ask a grown up!) and brush across your paintings and it will ‘feather’ and blend them.

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