Tissue Paper Stained Glass

Turn a window into a colourful one with tissue paper.

We have a window on our upstairs landing that we wanted to keep bright and open, while still giving us privacy, without blinds or a net curtain.

So we decided to make our own colourful stained glass.

It provides us with privacy but most importantly lots of colour!

The boy and girl had great fun sticking all the pieces to the window for well over an hour.

This isn’t permanent – your stained glass window can be removed with warm soapy water and a kitchen spatula. Just soak with a sponge and scrape it off.

Note: Be careful of colour staining – protect surfaces with old rags, towel or plastic sheeting.

What you’ll need:

A window
Tissue paper
Paper punches (we used a circle and a star)
Glue and water mixture in a jar (50/50 will do it)

What to do:

Cut, tear and paper punch shapes out of tissue paper.

Paint a layer of the glue and water mixture onto your window (not too much or the tissue paper will disintegrate)

Cover with tissue paper shapes and apply a thin layer of glue over the top (a bit like papier machè).

Leave to dry.

Watch the sun shine through!

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