Art and maths come together to make colourful 3D models.

I was recommended this brilliant resource for 3D model nets by the very talented teacher who runs Artful Maths (take a look at her website, it has lots of  Art and Maths ideas).

Choose from tetrahedra, cubes, pyramids and many more.

What you’ll need:

Coloured card stock
A printer
Glue stick

What to do:

Print the net of the 3D shape you’d like to make onto card stock.

Cut out.

Fold the lines shown on the net.

Glue the tabs, fold and stick together to make a 3D model.

Make as many as you like, change the printer preferences to get different sized nets of the same 3D model.

Play, arrange, stack, stick together, make 3D pictures – there’s lots of fun to be had!

Keep all the coloured card off cuts – you can shred them and have a go at paper making.


art / maths