Stained Glass Windows 

Laminate your own ‘stained glass’ pictures and let the sun shine in.

Little and big kids will enjoy making their own window decorations with a laminator and coloured acetate or cellophane.

It’s so simple, all you need is:

Laminator pouches
Coloured acetate or cellophane
Paper punches

What to do:

There are no limits to what patterns and pictures you can create!
Cut, paper punch or tear shapes out of acetate or cellophane.
Open up the laminator pouch and lay down your design then close like a sandwich.
Feed the pouch into a pre-heated laminator.
Ta da! Stained glass window pane.


I found it much easier to paper punch the cellophane sheets sandwiched between two sheets of normal white paper. Otherwise the paper punch blades rip and tear the cellophane. I didn’t try it with acetate, which is a little thicker, so do a test cut first.

It may help to feed the laminator pouch through the laminator with a sheet of normal white paper underneath – this will stop the pouch buckling.