Spray Paint Stencils

Have fun with this brush-less painting technique.

If your kids (or you!) like to paint then this is a great painting activity with a twist.

Create beautiful pictures with stencils and paint filled spray bottles.

I got the little spray bottles from Amazon but most chemists stock them.

What you’ll need:

Ready mixed paint
A few spray bottles
Stencils or found objects you don’t mind getting covered in paint
Messy mat (I have a plastic sheet I use to cover the kitchen floor when we do messy stuff)

Fill the spray bottles with one part paint and one part water (watercolour inks would work well too).
Lay the stencils or objects on the paper and start spraying!
Try layering stencils and different colour paint for interesting effects.

This is a great way to make your own wrapping paper.

Have fun!

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