Splat Painting

Blow the January cobwebs away with some outdoor action painting.

Create some huge splat paintings in the garden.

I got this idea after doing hand painting with the boy and girl in the summer. The boy had fun splatting dollops of paint with his hand and I wondered how to replicate it.

What you’ll need:

Poster roll
Rubber Mallet
Masking tape
Cotton wool pads
Paint (poster, acrylic or washable ready mixed paint)

Big messy mat
An outdoor space
Old clothes

This is so simple to set up and is brilliant fun.

Spread a big piece of poster paper on top of a messy mat and tape down.
Squirt dollops of paint onto the paper.
Cover gently with cotton wool pads.
Get splatting and take cover!

I got both the poster roll and rubber mallets on Amazon.

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