Shadow and Light Boxes 

Reflections, shadows and light science in a box.

We had fun making this magic light box.

It’s made with Mylar which is a type of highly reflective silver foil material.

Hold it up to a window and you’ll see beautiful reflections and shadows.

Hold it up to a television screen and you’ll get colour added into the mix.

We had so much fun making these I didn’t take many photos of the making process but here are the tutorials we got the idea from, they’re all you’ll need:
Buggy and Buddy

I initially got the flimsier Mylar film (used for emergency blankets) for about £3.
This thinner stuff is a bit more fiddly and won’t make perfect cylinders but still works really well. The shapes are more organic! The boy and girl made it no problem.
And there’s loads in the pack – great for fancy dress, capes, collage, decorating cardboard spaceships, you name it.

I did an after school workshop at Craftisan last week and I got the thicker Mylar, which is more expensive, but you get tons and it worked perfectly.

What you’ll need:

Small cardboard box (kids shoe boxes work brilliantly) with the bottom cut out
Tracing paper