Plastic Spoon Art

Recycle plastic spoons into works of art.

We acquired a bag full of plastic spoons last week. Me and the girl had the afternoon to ourselves so we washed, dried, sorted and started creating.

Plastic spoon project no. 1: Daisy wall plaque.

What you’ll need:
Old cd
White plastic spoons
Large plastic milk bottle
Glue gun (low heat glue gun best for small kids, and always with adult supervision)

Cut or break the tops of the spoons off to make the petals. (Be careful as the plastic can be sharp)
Glue the petals around the edge of the cd. Repeat two more times to fill the entire cd.
Cut a long rectangle strip from the milk bottle and snip the edges to look like a fringe.
Glue the fringed milk bottle strip into the middle in a spiral.
Glue a button in the middle.
Glue a piece of ribbon to the back and hang on a wall.
Plastic spoon project no. 2:  Water lily.

The girl decorated the spoons with sharpies before I stuck them together with a glue gun.
Plastic spoon project no. 3: Spoon and button sun catcher.

The girl and I had fun with this one!
We used a cd as a base, glued buttons to spoons and used sharpies for colour.

(Remember a hot glue gun should be used under strict adult supervision, or use a low heat glue gun with older kids)

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