Paper Bag Flowers

Hang these up in a window or from a ceiling for a lovely handmade floral display.

These beautiful paper flowers look complicated to make but are really easy; each flower is made from only seven paper bags and some glue.

You can buy 50 or 100 paper bags for a few pounds at stationery or packaging suppliers.

The biggest bags we made flowers with were approx. 20cm x 25cm.

Experiment with paper bag sizes, paper bag colours, decorating the bags with chalks, paint, felt pens or even stickers.

What you’ll need:

Paper bags (no gusset), seven per flower
Glue stick
Chalks, paint, felt pens or stickers to decorate

How to make a flower:

Glue a paper bag in a T pattern, across the bottom and down the middle.

Place another bag on top.

Repeat glue process until you have a stack of 7 glued together bags.

Cut the open ends into a petal shape (for stars cut a triangular shape).

Snip fringe cuts around petal shape if you fancy.

Glue one more T pattern, put your hands into the outermost bags, open out and stick together.

Here’s a great tutorial┬ávideo of how to make them.

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