Oven Bake Clay Bowls

Use Sculpey or Fimo clay to make these fun little bowls.

We used a stainless steel mixing bowl as a mould so we could put it straight in the oven to harden the clay and keep its shape.

What you’ll need:

Sculpey or Fimo oven hardening clay
Stainless steel mixing bowl to use as a mould
Rolling pin
Cookie cutters

What to do:

Cut out shapes with cookie cutters, roll balls or make clay worms.

Layer the clay shapes inside or on the bottom of the upside down mould.

Use your fingers to push the layers together, or you could try blending the clay colours together to get different effects.

Bake in the oven according to the clay’s instructions.

We used our bowls to keep hair bands and little toys in, but they’d also make lovely homemade gifts.

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