No Churn Ice Cream

Quick to make, a few hours to freeze and you have soft serve ice cream!

Ice cream base:

600ml whipping cream
397g tin condensed milk
75g granulated sugar

Whip the cream till it holds its shape.

Mix the condensed milk and sugar together in another bowl.

Pour the condensed milk mixture into the cream while whisking.

Pour the cream mixture into a shallow tub and add some flavourings…

Chocolate ice cream:

400g ready made chocolate frosting
Chocolate shavings, curls or sprinkles to decorate.

Blob spoonfuls of chocolate frosting into the cream mixture.

Using a knife or a skewer swirl the chocolate into the cream evenly.

Sprinkle chocolate shavings, curls or sprinkles on the top.

Freeze for 6+ hours.


Strawberry ice cream:

400g strawberries, hulled
30g sugar

Blitz the strawberries and sugar to make a purée.

Pour into the cream mixture.

Using a knife or a skewer swirl the strawberry mixture into the cream evenly.

Freeze for 6+ hours.

This is a soft serve ice cream, ready to eat after 6 or 7 hours freezing.
Any time after that, take out of freezer 30mins before serving to soften up again.

I adapted my ice cream from this recipe.

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