Negative Potato Prints 

A twist on the age old classic.

What came from playing with cookie and sugar paste cutters and potato slices turned into a lovely morning of colourful printing.

The boy and girl whiled away an hour or so in the shade in the garden doing this today: fresh air, sunshine and art.

What you’ll need:
A potato, cut into slices
Cookie and/or sugar paste cutters (smaller than the potato slices)
Watercolour inks (you could use food colouring instead)
Small paintbrushes

Washing up station: bowl of soapy water and a towel near by.

What to do:
Slice a potato.

Cut out shapes from the middle using cookie or sugar paste cutters.

Have fun painting the slices and shapes with watercolour inks and paintbrushes.

Watch the inks disperse on the potato surface: they make beautiful patterns.

Get some paper and start printing!

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