Introduction to Tie Dye

A very simple way to try this colourful technique using inks and trusty baby wipes.

While at art college I created samples of tie dye using wet muslin squares and inks. After spending a happy hour on Pinterest last night I found this great tutorial that uses baby wipes. Perfect for a child’s introduction to this vibrantĀ art technique.

This is a fun and quick tie dyeing activity needing only a few things you’re likely to have in the house already.

What you’ll need:

Baby wipes (we used Huggies as they’re made of natural materials and are pretty strong)
Watercolour inks (though you could try using food colouring)
Elastic bands
Lots of warm soapy water and a towel to wash colourful hands!

What to do:

The simplest tie dye design is the circle pattern, this is a good one to try first.

Take a wipe and pinch it in the middle, wrap an elastic band around near the tip then repeat with two or three more along the wipe.

Squirt different colour watercolour inks or food colouring in between the elastic bands. Let it sink in for a few minutes.

Remove the elastic bands and unfold the wipe.

Leave to dry flat.

We had a happy accident where we lay one tie dyed wipe on top of another while wet and it produced a lovely effect: colour bled into the white, un-dyed sections making different patterns.


Take a look at the photos and comments below for more pattern ideas. Experiment and play to see what effects you can create.

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