Homemade Chocolates 

Hand made choccies for your Valentine.

We’ve been reading Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory to the boy and girl at bedtime (LOVE Roald Dahl!) and they fancied having a go at creating their own chocolates.

So simple and fun to make. Lovely idea for a handmade present for Valentine’s, a birthday, Mother’s Day…

Kids will love this activity – watch out, it can get messy!

You can use any chocolate or ice cube mould and any combination of chocolate, fillings and decorations. Willy Wonka eat your heart out!

What you’ll need:

White, milk and dark chocolate to melt (I buy the basic bars from the supermarket for around 35p, YES 35p, for 100g)

Chocolate or ice cube mould (silicone seems to work best for getting the chocs out when set)

Fillings and decorations: Chocolate beans, sprinkles, chocolate drops, crushed biscuits, chopped candied ginger, chilli flakes, jellybeans, smashed ready salted crisps (oh yes!), fudge, snipped up caramels, raisins, chopped nuts, whatever you fancy!…

A fridge

Bags, boxes, ribbons, stickers to make bespoke chocolate gifts

How to do it:

Melt your chocolate in a heatproof bowl set over a simmering pan of water (don’t let the bottom of the bowl touch the water, it may burn the chocolate or make it grainy).
Fill your chocolate or ice cube mould with decorations/fillings.
Pour melted chocolate over the top to fill each mould.
Decorate the bottom of the chocolate too if you want to.
Put in the fridge for up to an hour to set.
Pop out of the mould.
See how long they last…

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