Glitter Dinosaur Decorations

Have yourself a sparkly dino-tastic Christmas.

The boy asked if we could put dinosaurs on the Christmas tree. I’m always happy to oblige, and we gave them a bit of festive sparkle too.

I had a load of little plastic dinosaurs I used as party favours left over from a birthday party earlier in the year. I picked them up on Amazon for a couple of quid.

What you’ll need for your festive dinos:

PVA glue

Tie a ribbon around the middle of each dinosaur and tie another knot at the top to make a hanging loop.
Using a brush, cover the dinosaur and ribbon around its body with PVA glue.
Drench in glitter.
Lift out carefully and place on a tray to dry. Tip the excess glitter back in the pot to use again.
Once dry, hang on a tree!

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