Fork Pom Poms

All you need to make these little pom poms is a fork and some wool.

This is rather addictive and you’ll end up with lots of little pom poms to decorate lots of things with.

What you’ll need:

A fork


What to do:

Start off by holding a loose end of wool in between the fork prongs then wrap the wool around the prongs.

Hold on to the loose end while winding the wool around the fork prongs.

Keep winding the wool around until the wool is approx. 1 cm thick all the way around.

Take both loose ends and tie a double knot around the middle.

Gently slide the pom pom off the fork.

Carefully snip the wool loops on either side of the knot, holding on to the middle.

Fluff up the pom pom and trim any sticking out ends.


Here are some ideas of what you can make and do with your pom poms:

Attach lots of pom poms to a long piece of wool to make a pom pom garland (we yarn bombed the fig tree in our garden – or you could hang them in a window).

Knit little scarves for your toys and attach pom poms at either end.

Decorate home made picture frames with the pom poms.

Attach a pom pom or two to a long piece of wool for a cat toy.

Use the pom poms in a collage picture (they make great 3D flowers).

Tie pom poms to a string of LED fairy lights for your own light up garland.

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