Felt Brooches

Make a flower you can keep forever with this simple to sew project.

This is a great¬†introduction to sewing activity and would make a lovely homemade Mother’s Day present.

All you need is:

Embroidery thread
Brooch pins or safety pins

Pinking shears
Hot glue gun, optional

Start with some paper and pencils and draw some simple flower, leaf and circle shapes. Cut out to use as templates.

Cut the shapes out of felt using scissors or pinking shears.

Have fun layering and playing with different shapes and colour combinations.

Once happy with the design, place a button in the centre and attach by sewing through all layers with a needle and embroidery thread.

You can either sew a brooch pin or safety pin to the back of the brooch with needle and embroidery thread or you can use a hot glue gun to glue it in place (remember the hot glue gun should be used by an adult or under close adult supervision).

These brooches make lovely gifts. You could pin a brooch to the front of a birthday card or make a pretty gift box for it to go in.

art / Mother's Day / felt