Embroidered Eggs 

Turn these embroidery thread woven cardboard eggs into gorgeous Easter cards.

My inspirations behind these embroidered eggs were a pair of comfy slippers and traditional star weaving.

This is a really addictive activity. It’s great fun playing with the thread in different combinations to see what patterns emerge: a bit like a thread spirograph.

What you’ll need:

Cereal boxes
Egg template (I used a cookie cutter)
Embroidery thread or wool
Sticky tape

For the colourful eggs:

Watercolour inks
Paint pots
Water pot

You could also colour the card with crayons, felt tips, poster paint, tissue paper and glue…whatever you fancy!

How to make the eggs:

Draw around the template on to the cereal box, paint, leave to dry and cut out the egg shapes.

Cut small incisions all around the outside edge of the egg.

Choose some embroidery thread or wool and start winding the thread around the egg.  Secure the loose end at the back of the egg with sticky tape. Experiment with the thread and wind through the incisions at different intervals to see what patterns you can create.

If you want to turn your egg creations into Easter cards you’ll need:

Blank card stock
Craft knife (adult use only)
Sticky tape
Plain card or paper

Draw around your egg template on the wrong side of the card and draw a line just inside it so that the aperture you’ll cut is smaller than your embroidered egg.

Cut out the aperture with a craft knife.

Secure the embroidered egg to the card, right side out,  using sticky tape.

Cut a piece of card just smaller than one side of the card and stick it over the wrong side of the egg.


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