Brightly Coloured Fruit Sweets Experiment

Sweets + water = rainbow magic.

I’d seen this ‘Brightly Coloured Chewy Fruit Sweets” experiment online and we had to try it for ourselves – and it worked!

What you need:
Brightly coloured fruit sweets (Skittles)
A plate
Warm water

What to do:

Place a circle of sweets around a plate, pour some warm water into the centre of the plate so all sweets are sitting in water and watch…

The colours bleed into the water and centre of the plate making a rainbow stripy swirly pattern.

This is the post that inspired us to have a go.

Once we’d made a rainbow we turned the sweets over on a new plate and made another one. The de-coloured sweets look rather interesting and the second experiment colours were more muted.