Accordion Paper Chains

Remember making these accordion paper chains when you were a kid?

We ended up with lots of coloured card strips at the end of another art project so we decided to turn them into colourful paper chain springs.

All you need is:

Coloured card
Glue stick or sticky tape

What to do:

Cut lots of equal width strips from different coloured card.

Glue or sticky tape two strips together to make an L shape.

Fold the underneath strip over the strip on top, keeping the L shape.

Now fold over the other strip. Keep folding, taking it in turns with each strip, keeping the L shape.

When the strips are almost used up, glue or tape another strip on to make the strips longer.

Repeat the folding process until your accordian paper chain is as long as you want  it to be.


We had fun playing with the chains like springs, and arranging them into shapes and stacks – they’re very tactile and fun to stretch and handle.

Make a Christmas tree chain decoration by making a really long chain and hanging it on the tree like tinsel.

Or you could make the chains into snakes like in this tutorial.

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