1001 Woven Wheels (Paper Village Project)

Get involved with this colourful community project run by Paper Village.

The girl and boy have been working with me making colourful woven wheels for a community art project.

Paper Village, who brought you Briswool, is now working on this collaborative art project to create 1001 circular weavings representing people of all ages.

I will be at the Mini Maker Faire at @Bristol on Saturday 3 September 2016, 10am – 5pm, working with Paper Village on this amazing woven wheels installation.

I will also be working with a local school, St. Anne’s Infants, to contribute to this wonderful project in September.


Paper Village 1001 Woven Wheels Project

The challenge: to create 1001 circular weavings which will be hung together to create a beautiful piece of art representing people of all ages.

THE RULES (these are important so that we can create something really cohesive and beautiful):

You need to use a circle to weave round such as a notched circle of cardboard or a hula hoop , embroidery ring, CD, metal bangle or even a brass curtain ring.

It must be more or less perfectly circular (it can have fluffy, soft edges).

Please leave your finished weaving on the structure you used to make it as it is going to be hung and will need its support.

You can use any materials: plastic, wool, wire, raffia, yarn, fabric strips, paper, string beads, embroidery thread…

You can use any colour but each hoop needs to be woven with shades of the same colour. For example, all greens, all pinks, all browns etc

Please do add sparkly things: beads, sequins, metallic thread…

We hope you will recycle lots of things into your weaving but you can use some new materials.

For more information, workshops and tutorials, contact: vic.harrison@blueyonder.co.uk

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